February 6, 2023
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What is a Meeting Booker? - An Overview

A meeting Booker is an online tool that helps sales professionals book and manages appointments with potential customers.

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When a potential customer is interested in your product, it's important to contact them immediately. But what if visitors or sales teams aren’t available onsite soon enough? Scheduling a meeting can be the best solution. That's why it's great to integrate Meeting Bookers onto your website, making it easy for qualified prospects to schedule meetings with your team. 

In this blog post, let’s find out what a Meeting Booker is and how you benefit from having one!

What Is A Meeting Booker?

Meeting Booker is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses streamline and automate the meeting booking process. Its intuitive dashboard allows users to easily manage their meeting schedule from any web-enabled device with an internet connection. This software enables businesses to book time in a flexible, fast, and effective way, which greatly reduces time spent on planning and organizing staff activities. 

Additionally, Meeting Booker quickly searches for available slots in the calendars of multiple teams or locations at once, thus saving time and effort for busy business owners. It also has built-in features that allow users to share essential details about the meeting, such as agenda items or special requests among attendees. Overall, Meeting Booker is a great tool that simplifies the task of keeping track of meeting schedules while also streamlining the booking process.

To simplify it, for example: when someone expresses an interest in your product, you want to contact them as quickly as possible. However, if your sales reps or qualified visitors aren't accessible to meet on your site right now, scheduling a meeting is the next best thing. Qualified prospects may easily arrange a meeting with your team by displaying Meeting Bookers on your website, minimizing friction in the buying process.

Why Does Your Business Need Meeting Bookers?

Meeting bookers make it easy to quickly and effortlessly organize complex gatherings, whether for business or pleasure. As each meeting has different needs, from the number of people attending to the specific location, an online platform with meeting booking capabilities provides a comprehensive solution for individuals and businesses. 

But why do you need meeting bookers for your website? Here are the top reasons Meeting Bookers are a go-to for business growth.

  • Scheduling meetings is one of those tasks that can take up a lot of time. But meeting bookers eliminates this crisis by paring all the back-and-forth drills associated with organizing meetings and frees up your sales team's schedule to focus on other important tasks. No more long emails or phone calls are needed – just a few clicks and voila! Suddenly, you have plenty of time to work on other projects without sacrificing meeting quality.
  • It maximizes the effectiveness of your sales calls by meeting each prospect's terms. Meeting Bookers makes it easy to ensure you are taking into account each individual's availability and needs. By understanding that a qualified prospect is likely consumed with other tasks, respect their time and provide an avenue that ensures they can meet when it best suits them. This simple change will skyrocket your effectiveness when engaging potential customers.
  • A meeting booker is indispensable for anyone involved in Conversational Marketing. With its versatility, it can be leveraged to grab customers' attention wherever they are on the website and foster dialogues that will help you harvest invaluable prospects.

Meeting Booker For Website: What Makes It So Valuable?

Good and efficient use of meeting bookers is bound to save you a lot of time, which could easily be channeled elsewhere. In addition, it is affixed to bring value to your website. Did you realize that you can use a Meeting Booker within your Conversational Marketing experiences to assist serious buyers in scheduling meetings with your sales team directly from your website? This function is sometimes neglected, yet it is really strong.

1. Eliminates Rigorous Excel Data Management

Meeting bookings provide immense value for any website, eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone data management process in Excel spreadsheets. In addition, the ability to efficiently schedule meetings and other appointments, receive notifications, and review booking history is invaluable for any business that wants to streamline processes and better connect with customers or clients. 

With a straightforward interface to record meetings as they happen and more visibility into customer booking preferences, businesses no longer have to worry about messy databases or tracking down unavailable meetings. Instead, meeting bookings can save time by automatically organizing customer contact information and integrating it with existing programs or calendars. 

In an increasingly automated world, meeting bookings offer immeasurable time savings for any business so that precious human energy can be directed towards higher-order tasks!

2. Open Access To The Team

Meeting bookings eliminate the need to search for contact information, call someone, leave a message, and wait to hear back. A meeting booking system streamlines the process significantly by offering an open access window to your team. 

Customers and clients can easily schedule an appointment with anyone they need in moments, and rest assured that the meeting will take place on the agreed day and time without any trouble. This is why having meeting bookings available on your website can be incredibly valuable: 

  • it saves time, 
  • improves productivity, and 
  • affords customers better opportunities to get in touch with you.

3. Live Chat Rooms And Chatbots For Conversational Marketing

With the help of chat rooms and chatbots, you can quickly and easily set up a meeting with customers or clients at any time. Live chat rooms allow users to communicate quickly and effectively in real time, while chatbots can be programmed to answer common inquiries and take on more conversational tasks. Through strategic planning and conversations, website owners can gain valuable insight into their customers' wants and needs. 

Additionally, meeting bookings allow website owners to create personalized experiences that can increase conversion rates and encourage repeat purchases from existing customers. By utilizing live chats and conversational marketing strategies, website owners can make sure that they are connecting with their users on a deeper level, ultimately resulting in better customer relationships and loyalty.

4. More Leads & More Conversion

With meetings, you can ensure your customers get the exact information they need to decide if they want to use your service or product. Meeting bookings also guarantee leads because those who previously were just curious will be planning an actual meeting and further considering your products and services. This process changes a passive visitor into an actively engaged customer, meaning more leads and opportunities for conversion. 

Better yet, online bookings mean that customers can easily schedule meetings whenever suits them instead of waiting in line or dealing with slow responses. All these factors work together to provide higher conversion rates and better customer retention.

5. Better Relationship With The Customer

When potential customers see a booking calendar on your website, they can arrange to meet with you at their convenience. This gives them a sense of control over their experience and helps to build trust. Customers are also more engaged when they plan to meet - they are likely to research the company ahead of time and come into the conversation with more informed questions and ideas. 

Booking meetings allow companies to develop tailored conversations and experiences for each customer, depending on their needs. Booking meetings ensure that every customer's requirements are met and help establish strong relationships with everyone.

4 Effective Ways To Use A Meeting Booker

1. Schedule Meetings Within A Live Chat Conversation

If a live sales interaction using Conversational Marketing is going well, always lock in the next step! Within the context of the conversation, arrange your next meeting. For example, a meeting with your Account Executive, a product presentation, or a pricing conversation could all be part of this. You will ensure that this deal moves further by scheduling a meeting during your chat.

2. Use A Meeting Booker When Your Team Is Offline

If someone qualifies and should be routed to a live sales conversation, but your sales staff are unavailable (at night or on weekends), bring up the Meeting Booker. This ensures that you take advantage of every opportunity to connect with a qualified buyer. It is effective! This method is used by the modern ticketing platform askSpoke, booking 3X more sales demos.

3. Route Meetings Based On Geography, Company Size, Or Other Attributes

You can create routing rules to guarantee that qualified prospects meet with the appropriate sales professionals. For example, because you know where your website visitors are, Brandfolder allows them to organize meetings with sales professionals assigned to their territory. 

In addition to routine meetings by location, they also book meetings by firm size segment. This geography and company size routing ensures that the buyer has a single point of contact from the start and that sales agents own opportunities in their specified territory or segment.

4. Use a chatbot to qualify leads and schedule meetings.

You can design a Chatbot that allows qualified website visitors to organize a meeting with your sales team to schedule conversations. You can also ask the Chatbot some qualifying questions. If you know someone already qualified, invite them to a meeting as soon as possible. 

This tactic is useful if you are using only bots for Conversational Marketing. Your sales reps will wake up to more meetings on the schedule, which will help them fulfill their targets.

The "Tesla of Motorcycles," Zero Motorcycles, employed this chatbot-driven technique to book more test drives, their version of a sales meeting. Zero Motorcycles acquired 30% more leads and scheduled more test drives in the first 60 days of using Qualified as their Conversational Marketing Solution.

Meeting Booker Vs. Meeting Planner: What Is The Difference?

The major differences between a Meeting booker and a meeting planner revolve around the type of service provided and the level of involvement in the meeting planning process. A meeting planner plans and implements the operational and logistical operations required for your meeting's production. 

A meeting planner is a great place to start if you're beginning from scratch and require meeting space, hotel accommodations, or connections to other resources. A planner can also assist with event themes, external speakers, and other things to make an event stand out.

But these are just the basics, to begin with. To dive deeper, here are the integral differences between Meeting Booker and Meeting Planner that set each other apart.

  • A meeting booker is a service that books venues for meetings, such as conference rooms, banquet halls, or other spaces. This type of service requires little to no involvement in organizing the details of the meeting itself, as they provide an available space to hold it in.  
  • A meeting planner is an individual or company that provides a more comprehensive service concerning arranging meetings. This includes booking venues, creating agendas, coordinating catering and transportation services, managing participants' expectations, and providing support during the event. 
  • Meeting planners typically have more knowledge about venue availability and will often have Access to exclusive discounts on services associated with hosting events. Additionally, their greater involvement in planning gives them better insight into potential issues and solutions than someone merely providing a venue booking service would have.  
  • Meeting planners are also more likely to offer guidance on details such as seating arrangements or technical setup for presentations that may be necessary for the successful execution of the event. 

Ultimately, whereas a meeting booker provides a simple solution for procuring space for an event, a meeting planner offers a far more comprehensive approach that can ensure the success of any gathering or occasion.

Revenuehero As A Meeting Booker

A screenshot of the home page of the GetResponse website showcasing it as a A screenshot of the home page of the revenuehero website showcasing it as a Meeting Booking software

RevenueHero is a powerful meeting booker that helps simplify booking meetings. It offers advanced features such as automatic calendar syncing, automated reminders & notifications, and group bookings. 

Every meeting and its outcomes are recorded in the CRM. One can also send automated alerts and notifications at every stage of the route to enhance meeting attendance. Even meeting distribution across the sales team can be automated. Alongside this, one can create a distribution logic with integrated analytics tools to provide insights into usage patterns and trends. 

RevenueHero makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to efficiently manage their meetings, streamline their booking processes, and increase productivity. With its comprehensive suite of features and intuitive design, RevenueHero is the perfect solution for businesses looking to reduce time spent on tedious administrative tasks while boosting efficiency.

Winding Up!

In this blog post, we underwent how effective and powerful a meeting booker can be for your small, medium, or large business. From a handful of useful characteristics like automated notifications and reminders, group bookings, and integrated analytics tools to boost efficiency and productivity - Meeting Booker can do it all for you. And if you're searching for an ideal meeting booker software, then RevenueHero has it all in store!

With automated calendar syncing, integrated analytics tools, and many other features, RevenueHero is the perfect choice for any business looking to streamline its meetings process. Try out Revenue; simply Book a Demo and see what it can do for your business.

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