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8 CRO Case Studies That Can Be The Reason Behind Your Business Growth

Here are the top eight conversion rate optimization case studies to dig deeper into CRO and its significance in driving results.

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Let’s talk CRO!

Most marketers spend time planning their perfect landing pages. But how much time do they spend optimizing them?

Bryan Eisenberg, an internationally recognized pioneer in online marketing, says, “most websites do not have a massive traffic problem, but every website in the world has a conversion problem.” And that’s what you must think about!

Conversion Rate Optimization can bring about significant results for your business. If you have doubts, then stay tuned. 

Here are eight CRO case studies that can highlight its importance. 

1. DashThis Turns 50% More Free Trials into Paid Customers

This is one of the most interesting CRO case studies by Hotjar I’ve come across. That’s because it shows how a few tweaks here and there can make a lot of difference.

About DashThis

DashThis is a robust reporting software that enables marketers to create comprehensive and automated marketing reports in the easiest ways. 

With DashThis, marketers can easily and quickly create and share marketing reports with their teams, saving work hours.

About DashThis


DashThis’ goal was to increase its sign-up and conversion rates from free trial to paying customers. 

The company’s initial stages of the onboarding funnel (integration and a data source) seemed troubling for the users signing up for free trials. About 60% of the users encountered hassles in the first step. As a result, they could not sign up and use the tool. 

How Hotjar helped?

DashThis used Hotjar to assess the onboarding process. They could find a few issues, like users not knowing where to click for integrations. The buttons weren’t visible enough. 

The UX team then worked on improving the page layout. They added bold-colored buttons, pop-ups, and search bars and tweaked several other existing page elements. 

The difference after usng hotjar

The Outcome

  • A whopping 140% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • 50% increase in free trial users converting to paid customers.

Hotjar writes:

“The first step alone saw its completion increase by 25%. DashThis’ users are overall a lot more satisfied with the tool and give tons of positive feedback.”

Read the detailed case study here

2. COMODO Witnesses a 17.5% Uplift in Visitor-to-Lead Conversion Rate

This CRO case study by Conversion Rate Store revolves around revamping a B2B SaaS landing page to convert more visitors into quality leads. 


COMODO is a cybersecurity software solution that offers advanced threat hunting for your devices. It also offers endpoint management to stop ransomware, avoid data breaches, and make your business more sustainable. 



The primary goal of this CRO project was to increase the visitor-to-lead conversion rate of an already-converting landing page. 

COMODO’s landing page was already converting at an excellent rate of 49.1%. However, the cybersecurity giant wanted to enhance the conversion rates. 

How Conversion Rate Store Helped?

Conversion Rate Store interviewed the sales team and conducted an online survey for the landing page visitors. From the research, Conversion Rate Store found a few concerns.

  • The value proposition of free forensic analysis isn’t clear to the users.
  • Difficult-to-understand landing page copy with technical jargon.
  • The landing page copy does not answer common user concerns.

Conversion Rate Store created a new design and copy for COMODO’s landing page, addressing the main concerns. The solution was explained in simpler language, making the value proposition clear to the audience using the “Pain – More pain – Hope – Solution – Call-to-action” copywriting framework.” Also, an A/B test was performed on the SaaS landing page to evaluate the newly added elements.

The Outcome

The newly designed landing page variation increased the visitor-to-lead conversion rate by 17.5%.

Conversion Rate Store writes:

“We hypothesized that a radical redesign of the landing page that addresses key friction points and ambiguities will enhance the UX and as a result, will increase the visitor-to-lead conversion rate.”

Read the detailed case study here

3. Evernote Achieves a 15% Increase in User Retention

This conversion rate optimization case study by UserTesting is about supporting Evernote’s rapid product development focusing on user feedback. It shows how user feedback can be your goldmine for deriving significant insights.

About Evernote

Evernote is a digital notebook to keep information handy. Note down, organize, and share any project notes and tasks, and schedule everything in a single platform. The software creates and assigns tasks, sets due dates and reminders, saves documents, and ensures seamless project management. 

About Evernote


Evernote aimed to conduct usability studies to support product cycles without exceeding their budget. The company aimed to identify the challenges within its app and improve user experiences.

How UserTesting Helped?

UserTesting leveraged its diverse on-demand network of study contributors to identify the challenges users encounter within the Evernote app. 

The Evernote product managers and designers could also watch how the study participants tapped, swiped, and rested their hands, gaining actionable insights from their experience. This was helpful “on Android since multiple devices run on the platform.” 

According to UserTesting, “Because the device type had an impact on the experience, the team needed to be able to identify and fix ergonomics issues before new products were released to the public.”

The Outcome

Evernote witnessed a 15% increase in user retention across multiple devices. Also, UserTesting is now a key part of Evernote’s product development process. 

quote from Sr. UX manager Evernote

Read the detailed case study here

4. AliveCor Increases its Revenue by A Whopping 27.39%

This is one of the CRO case studies that made me think about how tweaking something as small (yet vital) as CTA can significantly impact your revenue. In short, this CRO case study stresses the importance of CTA and why you should never underestimate its power.

About AliveCor

AliveCor is the pioneer of an FDA-approved cardiac technology. The brand offers digital tools that help patients access, manage, and share their data with cardiologists for maintaining better heart health. 

About AliveCor


AliveCor’s website needed a product and content presentation update to improve user experience. The company could increase conversions and unlock incremental revenue through this simple update.

How OmniConvert Helped?

OmniConvert used A/B testing to evaluate the different elements of AliveCor’s website, especially the call-to-actions or CTAs. 

Though CRO is more than just optimizing CTAs, this case study is a classic example of how changes in the CTA can bring about incredible results. 

The Outcome

  • Revenue increased by 27.39%
  • The add-to-cart rate increased by 2.46%
  • Engagement increased by 5.82%
  • Conversion rates increased by 25.74%

OmniConvert, in the case study, suggests that “one of the strongest methods to generate additional revenue is to target visual elements. In addition to the CTA, social proof reviews and color palettes magnify the effects in a positive way.” 

Read the detailed case study here.

5. Finicity Enhances Customer Experience and Funnel Conversions

This is one of FullStory’s CRO case studies where the company helped Finicity with product analytics and customer behavior insights to achieve remarkable results.

About Finicity 

Finicity is a B2B open banking platform for financial data aggregation. It offers user-friendly APIs that make accessing the data required for your products easier. In short, Finicity acts as a link between the bank and an external fintech service or organization. 

About Finicity


Finicity aimed to improve its fraud detection process, assess customer health, and enhance the overall customer experience with FullStory’s services. 

How FullStory Helped?

Finicity used FullStory’s robust privacy controls to easily manage sensitive data, ensuring advanced security and privacy measures. FullStory’s Private by Default setting minimized the risk of collecting private customer data.

Further, using FullStory analytics, the company also captured product insights and conducted health check-ups for customer accounts. Additionally, it also leveraged FullStory to identify false positives for fraud. 

The Outcome

  • Finicity improved the overall customer experience.
  • A 15% estimated increase in funnel conversions
  • Identification and fixing of 54 bugs in the system
  • A reduction of 80% in ticket resolution time.
FullStory goes from very macro-level analyses all the way down to individual interactions, so you can get a clear, complete picture.” - Christiaan Johnson, Director of Product Design, Finicity

Read the detailed case study here

6. Venture Harbour Increases Conversions by 743%

Among the CRO case studies I have listed above, this one’s slightly different. Venture Harbour’s conversion rate optimization case study focuses on the importance of multistep forms in conversion. 

About Venture Harbour

Venture Harbour is a bootstrapped venture studio that helps build ventures. The company has built UK’s fastest-growing independent tech companies’ portfolio. Its major services include growth marketing, public relations, social media marketing, SEO, and more. 

About Venture Harbour


Venture Harbour’s goal was to increase its web form conversion rates. 

How Venture Harbour used LeadFormly?

Venture Harbour focused on lead form optimization to boost conversions using LeadFormly

Marcus Taylor, CEO of Venture Harbour, started experimenting with multi-step web forms for a former venture (a comfort zone calculator). The nature of this calculator did not allow Marcus to reduce the number of form fields, as the calculator couldn’t function without detailed user information. 

This is where the multi-step form format popped in. This format enabled users to go through the questions one at a time – instead of overwhelming them with too many questions at once.

Further, Venture Harbour also used LeadFormly’s form analytics tools to identify the challenges users encountered in the forms. 

The Outcome

  • The multi-step form converted 53% of website visitors into leads.
  • Venture Harbour’s conversion rate increased from 0.96% to 8.1% - a 743% boost💹

Read the detailed case study here

7. ANYTIME MAILBOX (ATMB) Achieves 150% Increase in Conversions

This is one of Hop Online’s most interesting CRO case studies that talks about a massive increase in conversions despite the relatively low awareness of the industry that ATMB (virtual post mail service) operates. 

About ATMB

ATMB is a software solution that instantly converts traditional mail into a digital post accessible from anywhere across multiple devices and locations. It enables the management of postal mail online. 

About ATMB


ATMB aimed to increase the business’s customer acquisition efficiency and boost its conversions. 

How Hop Online Helped?

Hop Online focused on CRO experiments to help ATMB achieve its goal. The team conducted over 20 CRO tests (14 variations were tested on the PPC landing page and 3 variations on ATMB’s homepage) and leveraged Unbounce to create several landing pages, A/B test them and identify the best-performing ones. 

Hop online also restructured accounts, improved ad copies, and introduced top-of-the-funnel campaigns to deliver significant results. 

The Outcome

  • An average 160% increase in conversion rates for the tested pages within a year of collaboration.
  • A 150% growth in conversions while maintaining a steady Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). 

Hop Online writes:

“Our marketing priority for ATMB has been to meet its goal of efficiently acquiring customers while also sustaining healthy growth.”

The Outcome of ATMB

In a year or so, ATMB witnessed excellent outcomes across three mediums.

  • CRO – 160%+ increase in conversions 
  • Google Ads – 150% increase in conversions, insignificant increase in CAC
  • Facebook Ads –180%+ increase in conversions and 24% decrease in CAC.

Read the detailed case study here.

8. CrazyEgg Increases Conversion Rate by 363%

This is one of Conversion Rate Experts Agency’s CRO case studies that can be your inspiration or motivation to improve your CRO. It details how CrazyEgg turned its conversion rates around with the help of the Conversion Rate Experts agency. 

About CrazyEgg

CrazyEgg is one of the most popular website analytics platforms that helps businesses to build and improve their websites. It offers several potential tools like heat maps, A/B testing, traffic analysis, and more to improve your websites. 

About CrazyEgg


CrazyEgg’s goal was to grow their business further and boost their revenue. Hence, they decided to collaborate with Conversion Rate Experts.  

How Conversion Rate Experts Agency Helped?

Conversion Rate Experts in collaboration with the highly-efficient CrazyEgg team, started with the conversion rate optimization process. They identified and resolved the following issues.

  • A few visitors were unclear about using CrazyEgg’s heatmaps. So, the agency held a case-study competition where customers presented their experience with heatmaps and how it helped them. Thus, the visitors learned from real-life examples, and CrazyEgg got some testimonials. 
  • CrazyEgg’s pricing seemed to be an objection to some users. Hence, it was reframed.
  • A few visitors thought CrazyEgg offered fewer features than competitors and that it was no different from Google Analytics. These issues were resolved by highlighting CrazyEgg’s features and insights and pointing out the differences between GA and CrazyEgg.

Further, Conversion Rate Experts modified CrazyEgg’s homepage and created a demo video to experiment “same message + different medium” strategy. Also, the team optimized CrazyEgg’s checkout.

The Outcome

  • Optimizing checkouts resulted in 116% more sign-ups
  • The “same message + different medium” experiment resulted in 64% more conversions.
  • The overall conversion rate increased by 363%. 

Read the detailed case study here

Wrapping Up

I have given you eight CRO case studies highlighting how you can boost conversions with CRO. They are amazing but not easy to replicate. That’s because every website is different, and they require different optimization solutions.

If you plan to start with your CRO efforts, RevenueHero can definitely help you multiply your form-to-meeting conversion rates. With its advanced features, like even meeting distribution, CRM sync, and automated meeting workflows, you can instantly schedule meetings with your qualified leads.

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