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7 Best Revenue Intelligence Software You Must Try Out in 2023

Want to create a team of salespeople with superpowers? 🚀 Here are 7 revenue intelligence solutions to help you out.

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Talking of a salesperson, most people still imagine them to be people in suits with ready-scripted pitches trying hard to sell products. 

But that’s not the case! 

Sales tactics have evolved, and salespeople no longer try to convince anyone and everyone to take their products. 

With revenue intelligence, sales teams can perform more efficiently by choosing prospects most likely to convert. 

Gartner’s report suggests that by 2026, 65% of B2B sales organizations will shift from intuitive to data-driven decision-making using tech. Moreover, 70% of organizations will record all buyer-seller interactions using revenue intelligence to extract insights. 

Let’s dive deeper into revenue intelligence and identify the best revenue intelligence tools in the market!

What is Revenue Intelligence?

Revenue Intelligence is the use of comprehensive sales and product usage data and insights across all customer touchpoints to drive business growth and revenue.

Revenue intelligence tools are specifically designed to help you automate processes, manage your sales pipeline better, and make better strategic decisions.  

Sales teams use different revenue intelligence solutions and leverage automation to,

  • get insights into buyer engagement activities and relationships, 
  • speed up sales cycles,
  • improve pipeline view, and 
  • offer customers a better experience. 

7 Best Revenue Intelligence Software 

In this section, I’ll give you the seven best revenue intelligence software to leverage to drive sustainable business growth. 

1. RevenueHero


This revenue intelligence software simplifies your sales process by helping you to capture leads, qualify and route them and schedule instant meetings. RevenueHero helps you connect with qualified leads instantly, increasing the chances of conversion.

The platform also helps you monitor meeting distribution and outcomes across teams. Hence, you can identify outliers and take action right on time. Also, you can track and manage all your meeting details, and outcomes, from a single dashboard. 

RevenueHero also tracks the route from form submissions to scheduling meetings with prospects. With real-time insights, you can manage the reported discrepancies. 


  • Instant scheduling of meetings between prospects and the right sales reps.
  • Account matching to connect inbound leads with account owners.
  • Personalized templates to send custom invites and meeting reminders.
  • Conversion analytics and reports to track conversion metrics and report team update.


  • Inbound Essentials – Free access to the RevenueHero platform and $25/month/seat
  • GTM Enterprise - $79 /month for access to the RevenueHero platform and $25/month/seat

2. Gong


With Gong, you can get a complete view of what your teams are doing, how they perform, and their deals. 

This revenue intelligence platform also helps you identify the problem areas in the sales funnel. It enables you to assess your strategies and provides recommendations for improvement. Hence, you can close more deals with better strategies. 

Gong also gives you a comprehensive view of your pipeline, enabling you to identify risks beforehand. Also, it helps to create accurate forecasts. 


  • Bird’s eye view of the pipeline to identify risks and mitigate them before deals are lost.
  • Real-time data-based guidance for sales reps.
  • Reliable forecasts based on real-time insights. 
  • Team performance monitoring.
  • Integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Slack, Zoom, and more.


Contact the sales team to get custom pricing quotes.

3. is a revenue intelligence software offering several features like accounts management, real-time insights, relationship maps, and more to drive revenue. 

The platform enables you to organize your data, making it easier to monitor your accounts and identify risks at the right time. Further, you can also create custom dashboards to monitor all metrics, integrate them with your CRM and evaluate team performance. 


  • Relationship maps for Salesforce users to build better customer relationships.
  • Integrations include Salesforce, Oracle, Google Calendar, Gmail, Tableau, and more. 
  • Analytics and reporting for real-time insights
  • Pipeline view for better pipeline management.


Contact the sales team to get custom quotes for your requirements. 

4. Groove


This revenue intelligence software works best for those who use Salesforce. It helps to manage funnel activities, keeps CRM updated, and helps to develop and implement sales, growth, and marketing strategies efficiently. 

Groove also allows campaign automation, monitors conversations, and gets real-time customer insights. Further, your sales teams can also utilize the recommendations to close more deals. 


  • Conversation intelligence can help sales teams close deals faster.
  • Auto-contact capture records the unidentified contacts and adds them as potential leads. 
  • ROI reporting and analytics
  • Integration with Salesforce.
  • Custom playbooks to assist sellers and improve strategies.


Contact the sales team to get custom quotes.


This revenue intelligence software can help you access information from your CRM and communication apps and compile them into actionable insights. 

The platform also offers a custom dashboard to keep you updated on team member data like deals closed, targets met, and their workflows. Further, the risk management feature allows you to prioritize deals based on the risk attached to them and choose one with a comparatively higher success rate.


  • AI-powered forecasts and forecasting analytics.
  • Revenue analytics to evaluate performances.
  • Deal intelligence enables reviewing unproductive deals, pipeline risk scoring, and time-series pipeline reporting.
  • Integration to Salesforce, GSuite, Webex, Zoom, and more.


Contact the sales team to know custom pricing details.


This revenue intelligence software helps you grow your pipeline and close deals faster with real-time insights and actions, AI-powered guidance, and forecasting. 

This tool is an all-in-one software that enables you to monitor your operations and measure your performance. You can also analyze your strategies to find new opportunities and gaps to achieve maximum sales.

AI-powered guidance from this revenue intelligence tool can also help you improve your team’s prospecting and performance with recommendations on the best actions.


  • RingDNA sales dialer to optimize workflows and automate tasks.
  • Conversation AI to record, analyze, and transcribe conversations.
  • Real-time call guidance.
  • AI-powered guided selling.
  • Comprehensive reporting and integrations.


Get pricing details for your custom packages.

7. Salesloft


This revenue intelligence platform offers different tools to impact your revenue positively. It offers tools to build and nurture pipelines, pipeline management, forecasting, capturing insights from customer interactions, and more. 

With Salesloft’s Cadence + Automation tool, you can create and control calls, meetings, emails, and customer interaction. Personalize interactions across customer journeys and refine your prospecting approach. 

The platform also offers quick reporting and sharing features and a dashboard to get an overall summary of your deals, customer conversations, and pipeline movement.


  • Sales playbooks to create automated and customizable cadence journeys.
  • Dialer + Messenger to call or text buyers with a click.
  • Calendaring syncs your calendar to book meetings easily.
  • Reports and analytics to get insights into customer journeys and interactions.


Contact the Salesloft team to get pricing details.

Reasons To Use Revenue Intelligence Software

Marketers seek revenue intelligence software now more than ever. That’s because data plays a huge role in increasing sales and bottom-line ROI. 

However, 42% of marketers say a lack of quality customer interaction data is one of the top internal pain points. That’s where you need revenue intelligence. 

Revenue intelligence solutions can help your sales team get the customer data they need to create the buying experience they want. 

Look at the benefits of a revenue intelligence solution to understand why your business must have one. 

Accelerate sales cycle. With real-time data and insights, you can engage leads at the right time, nurture them by aligning them with the right executives and synchronize with potential buyers to ensure closing the deals the right way.  

Get the bigger picture. Revenue intelligence solutions offer detailed data about buyer engagement and interactions. The software enables you to access real-time data to maintain your overall business health. 

Set accurate forecasts and achieve them. Revenue intelligence software gives you comprehensive data. Thus, you can hit the right deal at the right time. Also, multiple teams within your organization can leverage the revenue intelligence data to prevent errors, mitigate risks, and keep the deals moving correctly. 

Features of Revenue Intelligence Software

Though data-driven sales are on the rise, The State of Revenue Intelligence Report says that 65% of senior leaders interviewed were unfamiliar with the concept. 

Are you one of them? If yes, no worries!

Here’s a list of the key features of revenue intelligence software that will help you understand its practical applications. 

Advanced analytics

You need a system that captures data and provides you with analytics as well. That’s what revenue intelligence software does. 

An effective revenue intelligence solution generates actionable intelligence, helping sales teams and leaders make better decisions and improve their overall sales performance in the long run. Also, revenue intelligence software can help you identify successful patterns and trends in your business cycle. 

Automated activity capture

With revenue intelligence software, you get access to comprehensive activity data automatically. This reduces the manual data entry in your CRM and gives you actionable data on customer interactions. Further, revenue intelligence software can also offer a conversation intelligence feature wherein you can gather insights from customer conversations, sales calls, emails, and more.

Integrated data

Data silos and poor-quality data can cause misalignment and cost you several opportunities. So, it is significant to have a single source of truth. 

A revenue intelligence solution eliminates data silos and makes them accessible to everyone who needs them across different functions and sales activities. Thus, multiple teams can access insights and data-backed information to make more informed decisions. 

Who Can Benefit from Revenue Intelligence Software?

Several job roles can leverage revenue intelligence tools and benefit from its multiple features. Here are a few roles that can use revenue intelligence software to stay ahead of their competition.


In the SaaS space, most marketers do not just generate leads. They focus on catching leads that are highly likely to convert into customers. 

With revenue intelligence solutions, marketers can get a comprehensive view of the customer journey. Also, they can identify and target the ideal customer profiles, offer them the right content, and move them successfully down the funnel. 

Sales Managers

Revenue intelligence software can help sales managers utilize their time more efficiently and focus on their efforts. It can offer AI-powered insights revealing the priority leads, the calls to listen to, and insights to improve the conversational techniques of the top-performing salespeople.

Sales Leaders

Sales leaders can leverage revenue intelligence tools and help account executives put their efforts into leads most likely to close. Revenue intelligence tools can also help sales leaders make accurate revenue forecasts and take action toward achieving them. 

Sales Reps

Sales reps can get assistance from revenue intelligence software to take the right steps ahead. They can replace assumptions and guesswork with data-backed information and make more informed decisions. This will improve sales reps’ performance and will also help them achieve their goals more efficiently. 

RevOps Professionals

RevOps professionals can use revenue intelligence tools to break functional silos and streamline revenue teams around shared information, insights, and KPIs. They can also automate and optimize processes with customer insights to help the revenue teams perform more effectively and efficiently.

3 Questions to Ask When Considering Revenue Intelligence Software

Do you offer API?

As your business needs increase, your data will increase too. You must find ways to integrate your data with your new processes and workflows. APIs can help you with this. Thus, you need to know if the revenue intelligence software offers more control through an API. 

Can the sales team access the intelligence solution from within the CRM?

The fewer tools in your marketing stack, the better for your salespeople. Typically, your sales team works efficiently with a smaller tech stack. Hence, it is ideal for the sales team to have all customer information in one place. It makes data search, retrieval, and import easier from the CRM. 

Is the revenue intelligence software compatible with my existing CRM without needing to customize it?

Ask for as much information as needed regarding integrations to know the compatibility parameters. Check out the different integrations and focus on the capabilities. Also, ensure that the integration process is simple and straightforward. 

Wrapping Up

Revenue intelligence software makes it easier to track buyers’ journeys and make a positive impact on your revenue. The solution can also boost your team’s performance. 

However, choosing one among so many revenue intelligence solutions can be tricky. But my list can help you out. 

So, start researching different platforms and book a demo to tour the RevenueHero platform!

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