What Are The Top Conversion Rate Optimization Tools?

Madhurima Chatterjee

Your marketing strategy may work out when you see a significant increase in website traffic. But without the visitors converting into customers and investing in your product or service, you will not register the true success you desire!

Generating more leads without conversions is like focusing on improving the aesthetics of a restaurant more than the quality of the food being served. The bottom line is neither will translate into sustainable growth for your business in the long run. 

Conversion rate optimization ensures prospective buyers perform a certain desired website action, such as signing up for a contact form or buying a subscription to your product or service. But understanding what drives conversions can be challenging.

You need to understand the buyer journey in order to make the pathway to purchasing seamless and deliver a stellar customer experience using tailored offers and prompt communication. To do this, you need to know how visitors interact with your website and what makes them stay or leave.

In this blog, I will give you a brief overview of conversion rate optimization before jump-diving into a list of the top conversion rate optimization tools in the industry today.

Let’s get started!

Basics of conversion rate optimization

Let’s find out what a conversion rate is and how to calculate it.

What is a conversion rate? 

Conversion rates indicate the percentage of your website’s visitors who undergo conversion, i.e., perform a specific desired website action, big or small.

This means:

  • If you are selling e-Commerce products, a “conversion” could mean a product sale;
  • If you are selling a B2B service, a “conversion” could mean signing up for a 1-month free trial; or,
  • If you are a course creator, a “conversion” could mean subscribing to the first module of your course.  

Conversion rates vary widely, depending on the industry, the marketing channels used by your company, and the kind of brand image and client relationships you manage. 

A good conversion rate that can earn you a competitive edge in the marketplace is around 10%, with some businesses averaging 11.45%. This can put you amongst the top 10% of companies acing their marketing and help you improve your conversion rates by two to five times!

How to calculate the conversion rate?

You can calculate your website's conversion rate by dividing the number of visitors who performed a desired website action by the total number of visitors and multiplying it by 100.

Conversion rate formula

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Here is an easy example:

If your B2B SaaS product website registers 20,000 visitors in a month, and out of them, 250 buy a subscription to your product, your website's conversion rate is 1.25%.

What is conversion rate optimization?

Increasing the number of visitors who complete a desired action, such as subscribing to a newsletter or making a purchase, is known as conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Research indicates that accurate targeting and testing processes, combined with conversion rate optimization tools, boost conversion rates by 300%

Increasing your conversion rate is what keeps your website and, consequently, your business alive and thriving. But your numero uno priority must be generating revenue. 

This means that your product or service must be in reasonable demand for your target audience to invest in so that you can achieve your business goals and have a sizable profit margin.

Let’s see what top conversion rate optimization tools you can use to skyrocket business growth and revenue in 2023!

Top conversion rate optimization tools for your business in 2023

Below are twelve tools to help drive website traffic and lead conversions for your business in 2023.

1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a content optimization tool that helps improve conversions by generating and monitoring keywords and keeping up with industry trends. It is a fantastic resource for content marketers and companies trying to grow through organic search.


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  • Hosted in the cloud, it uses short-tail and long-tail keywords to display the most popular articles on a particular subject.
  • It evaluates social shares, likes, retweets, backlinks, and other engagement data to discover the most well-liked topics.
  • It also allows users to filter topics based on the date, location, language, domain, word count, content category, and popularity of the publisher—to provide you with trending industry content.
  • It also includes an influencer marketing option (recently launched) that enables you to locate trending content creators who can represent your business.

Pricing starts at $99 and goes up to $299/month for enterprise-level privileges.

2. Optimizely

Optimizely is a business tool specializing in experimenting and A/B testing and is especially useful for enterprise-level marketing companies. For instance, if you believe switching your CTA button from black to red will enhance conversions, test it using this tool!


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  • Thanks to its split and multi-page testing capabilities, it can simultaneously help you run many experiments based on location, cookies, and other criteria on the same page.
  • It can be used to A/B test features for different kinds of websites, irrespective of the traffic they receive.
  • It is a no-code tool, which makes it super user-friendly; to get results, you simply need to tweak the program's visual editor.
  • It comes with extremely powerful front-end A/B and multi-page experimentation products; this aids in determining which control groups are essential and where adjustments should be made.
  • The Web Experimentation program also has a scalable customer data platform, an AI-powered personalization engine, content and product suggestions, an omnichannel email campaign builder, and much more.


Since Optimizely is an enterprise tool, small firms might find it prohibitively expensive. However, while some pricing structures are indicated at around $50,000 per year, Optimizely has gold-standard reviews, making it a worthy investment for organizations with the budget.

3. Plerdy

Plerdy is an intensive conversion rate optimization tool that enables you to comprehend website user behavior. Using this tool, you can quickly analyze, monitor, and convert website visitors into paying customers.


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  • It can aid you in building a detailed picture of how visitors interact with your website's various components and determine what is boosting conversion rates and needs improvement.
  • It comes with a pop-up form feature that can assist in converting visitors into customers by allowing you to observe exactly what your visitors are doing throughout each visit using the heat mapping and session replay tools.
  • It provides a beneficial conversion funnel tool that will show you precisely where in your funnel prospects are leaving; using it. You can also increase visitor engagement through natural search and nurture leads to convert them.
  • It also has a built-in SEO checker and sales performance tracking software.
  • It can also help you keep track of individual actions, identify conversion bottlenecks, gather clicks, scrolls, and other interactions, record user sessions, and more. 


Monthly rates begin at $26. It is also available for free for a limited time period.

4. ConvertBox

ConvertBox is the most effective CRO tool for creating and improving CTAs and opt-in forms that capture insights from customer journeys.


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  • It helps you build highly focused opt-in forms and quickly conduct split tests to increase conversion rates.
  • With its intelligent targeting function, you can tailor messages to each visitor based on information from referring websites and CRM records.
  • It also comes with real-time analytics tracking and a simple funnel segmentation tool; the tool is straightforward to use because it makes it quick and clear to develop opt-in forms that perfectly connect with the branding and style of your site using drag-and-drop technology.
  • With various unique fields and layouts available, you can A/B split test every aspect of your website to find what clicks and maximizes conversions.


One-time payment of $495 for lifetime access.

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most well-known and widely used online analytics tool available. It is a beneficial tool for collecting CRO-related metrics and insights that can help you optimize your site more effectively.

Google Analytics

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  • It can be used to track which of your pages are converting and why to learn interesting things about the habits of your audience, to build up funnel analysis tools, and more.
  • It displays information useful for CRO, such as the devices your visitors are using, their demographics, how long it takes them to leave your site, the origins of their backlinks, and more.
  • It combines with Google Ads, Studio, Analytics, and other marketing services to thoroughly map website performance.
  • It automatically generates website reports regarding bounce rates, internal site searches, and other critical elements affecting Google Docs and Sheets conversions. You can also produce customized reports using your metrics and constraints.


Google Analytics is cost-free. Google Analytics 360 is the premium version of the program, and it starts at $150,000 per year (more useful for enterprise-level marketing).

6. Hotjar

Hotjar is a tool for user behavior analytics that gleans insights from website visitors using surveys and heatmaps as features.


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  • The heat mapping feature aids in understanding the workflow and customer journey. You can track visitor journeys and even record visits to see where an individual visitor left the page or took a desired action.
  • It integrates with websites to offer a color-based visual representation of user behavior. Bolder colors represent areas of greater activity; you can adjust different aspects of your website using this information for the best user experience and conversion rates.
  • It is super user-friendly and can also help you speed up user sessions up to four times, significantly lowering wait times.
  • Through the incoming feedback and survey capabilities, you may additionally collect data from visitors to your website about their impressions and what they feel you could do to improve their user experience.

One major disadvantage is that Hotjar doesn’t allow you to download recordings. Google Analytics also cannot be used with the plugin.


Hotjar has a freemium plan. The next step up is a paid trial at $31 per month.

7. Vyper

Vyper is a marketing tool that you can design giveaways for freebies and competitions with a high chance of going viral on social media.


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  • It effectively enhances visitor engagement, especially on your social media channels, generating leads that lead to conversions.
  • It has many templates available, with which you can readily create giveaways and contests and combine them with widgets and landing pages.

Vyper taps into the potential of giveaways and contests to engage visitors and is a terrific CRO tool to maximize conversions for your brand, especially using social media.

Paid plans start at $75 per month and above.

8. HubSpot

HubSpot is a conversion-tool-rich platform with analytics, reporting, and A/B testing—everything at your fingertips! It is a full-featured CRM system that provides scaleable capabilities for sales, marketing, content creation, and many other aspects of conversion rate optimization. 


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  • It is very user-friendly. You can make landing pages, personalized emails, layouts, and forms and even plan large amounts of social media material with a few simple clicks, drags, and drops.
  • It includes various helpful CRO tools that help with functions like A/B testing, ads optimization, and sophisticated website traffic and campaign reporting under its Marketing Hub software solution.
  • It is equipped with top-notch human customer service, and live help is available under a subscription.
  • Its “exit intent popup” synchronizes with the forms already on your website to gather information about your site visitors and their navigation of your sites.
  • The HubSpot tools provide comprehensive contact analytics on the prospects and active contacts in your database. Additionally, it integrates a dashboard with its contacts database to see which marketing initiatives successfully convert customers and which don't.

Among CRMs, HubSpot offers the most flexible free plan. Millions of clients can be managed without expense, and various free tools are available, such as blog idea generators, invoice generators, and company templates. Prices for their marketing hub product start at $45 per month but can vary depending on contacts.

9. Instapage

Instapage is one of the most potent CRO tools to help you create highly-convertible landing pages.    


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  • Hosted in the cloud, it provides an array of configurable templates and page-building tools to assist you in creating conversion-focused landing pages.
  • It is fully compatible with WordPress and many email marketing platforms, which makes it one of the most excellent tools for conversion rate optimization.
  • It is simple to use and can create professional, conversion-friendly pages with the built-in builder. After the pages are produced, you may further optimize them based on your consumers by using Instapage's other CRO features, such as its analysis tools and the heat mapping tool.
  • It also includes an intriguing personalization option to tailor your landing page experiences for your target demographics.
  • It also comes with heatmaps, split-testing, form builders, and analytics tools that intuitively aid in optimizing landing pages and boosting sales.


Instapage has paid plans, the monthly rates beginning at $149.

10. Owler

Owler is the perfect CRO tool that helps you gain insights from competitor data. 


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  • Its advanced segmentation analysis provides deep analysis and intelligent recommendations based on what your competitors are doing to increase their conversion rates.
  • It enables you to keep an eye on market trends and how your competitors are facing up to industry challenges, giving you a better understanding of where you fall behind and where you can make improvements to raise your conversion rate.
  • It also offers more intelligent real-time news alerts for marketers and sales personnel. These news alerts cover over 15 events, including introducing new products, sponsorships, collaborations, partnerships, significant hires, record earnings, layoffs, and more.
  • The data also includes thousands of net new target accounts similar to your ideal customers' profiles, thereby increasing conversion potential.


Owler offers a basic freemium plan. The paid plans start at $99 per year for “Plus” and $420 per year for “Pro” customers.

11. Jivochat

Jivochat is a powerful live chat application that lets you speak with customers directly and increase conversions using prompt communication. 

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  • It helps your customers contact you quickly and conveniently through live chat. They can speak with someone immediately away while they are still engaged and interested, without having to dial a number or wait for an email.
  • It allows you to combine live chat boxes with your current website design by adding JivoChat to your sidebar. Additionally, it provides live chat windows that support a variety of devices and languages. 

JivoChat can help you understand more about customer experience and flow in addition

to assist you in maintaining client engagement.


Monthly rates begin at $13. It is also available for free for a limited time period.

12. HelloBar

HelloBar is a WordPress plugin that increases conversions from your alert bars and popups. To convert visitors into customers, the HelloBar plugin combines a variety of popups onto websites.


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  • With accurate visual data, it helps you ensure that you identify and implement high-conversion call-to-actions. It supports every popup, including page takeovers, modals, alerts, sliders, sticky header and footer bars, and alarms.  
  • Using numerous analytics solutions, such as HelloBar Elementor, you can efficiently A/B test the message and positioning of your website's alert bars and popups.
  • Thanks to its WordPress-like functionality, it seamlessly integrates with Wix and Shopify and can be installed in a single step. In addition, you can quickly set up popup banners with noticeable CTAs thanks to HelloBar's compatibility with various website themes.
  • It enables you to configure your targeting options to display the appropriate popups to the appropriate visitor segments at the appropriate times. Targeting is based on various criteria, including campaign, referral source, location, and device.


Monthly rates begin at $29. It is also available for free for a limited time period.

Convert more visitors into customers with your CRO efforts—using RevenueHero!

If you do not factor in conversion rate optimization methodologies, having the best products, support from industry experts, and a thoroughly crafted advertising strategy will all be for nothing. It is one of the most critical aspects of your marketing function, and you must focus on optimizing your conversion rates to improve overall business performance. 

Implementing one or more of these 12 tools can help you see a significant rise in prospective buyers turning into paying customers for your business.

But how can you manage a huge pipeline of leads that need to be developed while keeping track of everything? With RevenueHero, of course!

But what is it?

RevenueHero is a lead qualification and distribution tool that, with its fast booking or meeting scheduling tool, aids you in making the most of your CRO efforts.

Using RevenueHero, you can form double-to-meeting conversion rates.

With this sales automation platform, visitors to your website are sent to your contact us page, where they may immediately schedule time on your sales team's calendars, fulfilling their stated objective. 

Implementing this tool for your website or landing page allows you to instantly qualify, distribute, and schedule meetings between your sales staff and potential customers. The leads are qualified and prioritized based on high-value offers, i.e., the potential customer about to invest a more significant amount automatically gets allocated a higher preference. 

Additional features of this software include the following:

  • Meetings scheduled in a round-robin format should be shared equally across the sales staff. Instantaneously develop original distribution logic.
  • CRM synchronization: The outcomes of each meeting automatically transfer to the CRM. Enhance sales while keeping your CRM under tabs.
  • Automated meeting workflows: Send automated reminders and notifications with full context at each level of the sales funnel to increase meeting attendance rates.
  • Accurate lead scoring system and smooth product integration with your GTM stack: Improve your sales processes and ensure you get all prospective leads at each level of the sales process.

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