B2B Landing Page: 7 Awe-Inspiring B2B Landing Pages

Sayani Deb

Your audience follows your ads. They engage. They click and land on your B2B landing page.


They leave within seconds 😒

If you have faced a similar situation, you need to know about building the ideal high-converting B2B landing pages.

This blog explains the three traits of a good B2B landing page, three landing page best practices, and a list of seven inspiring B2B landing pages. 

So, keep scrolling if you want to achieve the average 9.7% landing page conversion rate!

What is a B2B Landing Page?

A B2B landing page is a web page designed for a specific purpose. They are more focused and targeted than a home page or any other campaign page. In short, B2B landing pages are built to achieve goals.

What Makes a Good B2B Landing Page?

The best B2B landing pages have three specific traits. They are clear, direct, and desirable. Here’s a brief take on each of these traits.


Keep your landing page message clear. Make sure that your audiences understand what you convey.

  • Remove distractions like navigation menus or links.
  • Embed quality images, GIFs, and videos.
  • Use shorter lead forms with fewer fields.
  • Personalize the call-to-action (CTA) buttons to encourage action.


As mentioned above, a B2B landing page is focused on one goal and is targeted toward one audience segment. Therefore, keep your communication focused on the goal and straightforward. Also, get your CTA clear.

You must answer three questions to build an effective B2B landing page.

  • What is the B2B landing page’s conversion goal?
  • What rewards or incentives will lead the audience to the goal?
  • How to minimize landing page distractions and direct traffic to the product/service?


Emotions increase your chances of making a sale. Therefore, humor, amusement, and a human touch in your landing page elements are necessary. Here are a few ways to do it.

  • Add inspiring stories or fun facts to your B2B landing page to capture and engage visitors.
  • Add testimonials to build trustworthy connections with visitors.
  • Get security badges to ensure safety from cyberattacks and data breaches during transactions.
  • Show off the numbers that prove your product’s potential Example- Your product boosted growth by 10%.

Get these traits right on your B2B landing page. Let’s look at seven inspiring B2B landing pages for more clarity. 

7 Inspiring B2B Landing Pages 

Are you planning to build B2B lead generation landing pages? Here are our seven favorite B2B landing pages to take inspiration from. 

1. Unbounce

Unbounce has one of the best B2B landing pages with valuable content, clear messaging, and a simple yet effective layout.  

Unbounce landing page

Why I like it: The best thing about Unbounce’s landing page is the personalized CTA buttons. Personalized CTAs convert 42% more visitors into leads than untargeted CTA buttons. Hence, both of Unbounce’s CTAs – start my free trial and chat with a specialist are personalized. 

Unbounce has also used numbers to show its success, which is an effective element on a landing page for B2B companies. In addition, it indicates the product’s capability and encourages visitors to make a move. 

stats of unbounce

What inspiration should you take: Experiment with different personalized CTA buttons, A/B the landing page elements, and see what works for you. Use images and other directional cues to move your audience to the CTA. 

Further, utilize white space and provide straightforward content for your visitors to understand your value proposition and the product's benefits. Finally, add growth numbers to ensure your product has worked wonderfully for several businesses.

Like Unbounce’s bright blue live chat widget, you can add one to your B2B landing page to assist visitors in navigating the website. 

2. Oribi

Oribi is a robust all-in-one marketing analytics platform, and what stands out in Oribi’s landing page is its use of humor in the content. 

The B2B lead generation landing page focuses on informative content presented in the most digestible form and fun GIFs to connect with the audiences. 

Oribi homepage

Why I like it: The use of bold humor instantly captures attention and ensures visitor engagement. The content is informative but not too overwhelming. Oribi has also efficiently used media on their B2B landing page, which adds a fun element. 

Coming to the CTA, Oribi has a different take on it. Click on the view screenshots here CTA button takes visitors to the screenshots of Oribi’s software. This idea prevents cluttering on the landing page and also gives visitors an overview of the product, leading them to sign up with Oribi.  

What inspiration should you take: Understand how Oribi connects with the audience through humor. B2B landing pages need not be cold or cut and dry. Add personality to the page and capture emotions like fun, happiness, empathy, and humor.

Further, the screenshot CTA idea is excellent if you want to give your visitors a quick overview of your product. It keeps your landing page clean and serves the purpose too. 

3. Miro

This B2B company offers a fantastic visual platform for teams to collaborate and work from anywhere at any time. 

Miro home page

I like it: Miro’s landing page is visually appealing. The above-the-fold content is clear and direct. Also, Miro has no long lead form, unlike other B2B lead generation landing pages. Instead, the brand asks for your work email. 

Further, Miro uses a click trigger one-line text below the CTA button followed by their GetApp and Capterra ratings based on over 5000 reviews. This is a quick way to earn your visitor’s trust. Miro also adds a few reasons companies trust them to emphasize credibility.

Stats of Miro

What inspiration should you take: Focus on earning your audience’s trust for better B2B landing page conversion rates. Take inspiration from Miro and add reviews, ratings, customer testimonials, and some statistics to show why visitors should collaborate with your brand. 

Further, note how effortlessly the content flows. Miro mentions only the key points and uses brief descriptions to explain the tool. Visitors must click on learn more to know in detail about a specific point. Overall, the B2B brand conveys a lot with little copy. 

4. WeWork

This B2B brand makes work more accessible by providing the space required to set up your business. WeWork gives you the best private office spaces, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, and more. You can book spaces for a day, by the hour, and even get global access for months. 

WeWork’s landing page is straightforward. The content is brief yet effectively conveys the brand’s value proposition. 

Wework homepage

Why I like it: WeWork uses simple above-the-fold copy highlighting that the brand has flexible solutions for everyone – from a team of one to a Fortune 500 company. The CTA is self-explanatory, and the find workspace in feature lets you quickly choose the area they are in. 

Further, WeWork has displayed its solutions for visitors without cluttering the page. Visitors can click on view all solutions to get the details.  

What inspiration should you take: Make a mental note of WeWork’s B2B landing page color contrast. The bold blue CTA button pops up against the white space, ensuring that nobody misses out on it. 

At the end of the B2B landing page, WeWork has added research and case study links for visitors to gather as many insights as possible about WeWork and its flexible workspace solutions. 

Wework blog page

Additionally, look at how WeWork places its lead form at the center of the landing page. The length of the form is ideal, with a submit CTA placed prominently. 

Wework form page

5. Shopify

Shopify’s landing page is comparatively shorter yet conveys everything the audience has to know about. With very little copy, Shopify gives its message to visitors. 

Shopify landing page

Why I like it: The best thing about Shopify’s B2B landing page is the clean layout, limited copy, and limited media use. The brand highlights three significant aspects, 

  • Drag-and-drop website builder,
  • Low pricing, and
  • Trusted by millions, which is sufficient to encourage audiences to sign up and start a free trial. 

Further, Shopify adds one review, logos of client companies, and a start free trial CTA at the end of the page. 

What inspiration should you take: Keep it simple, like Shopify. Create a straightforward copy and highlight your major features or benefits. 

Add reviews or testimonials to build credibility and keep your lead form short. For example, Shopify asks only for your email, unlike other companies that add several fields to their forms.

Further, adding CTAs at the start and end of the landing page makes it convenient for visitors to take action. Also, remove external links from your B2B landing page, like Shopify, to prevent distractions.

6. Slack

Slack's detailed B2B lead generation landing page highlights how the platform can benefit users. 

Slack homepage

Why I like it: Slack’s landing page contains the right mix of data and visuals. The positioning of data, along with the media elements, has been done in a way that the visuals do not interfere with the texts. 

The animations provide a sneak peek into the product from the start to the end of the page. The copy is limited yet descriptive. 

Further, Slack has added a customer testimonial video, some text, and a CTA to more customer stories. 

Slack - customer testimonial

What inspiration should you take: Use vital data that proves how loved your product is. Slack has used a few numbers (from a user survey) to highlight its most popular benefits. 

Stat for slack

37% of the top landing pages include testimonials. Right below the data, Slack has placed a testimonial with a video to further add to its credibility. So, make testimonials a part of your landing pages.

Take inspiration for placing the CTA buttons for higher B2B landing page conversion and add links to resources, webinars, videos, eBooks, etc., just like Slack does. 

7. HubSpot

HubSpot’s B2B landing page has the right elements to lead to better B2B landing page conversions. From perfectly positioned CTAs to statistics, live chat, simple yet powerful content, and a contrasting color scheme.

Hubspot homepage

Why I like it: HubSpot’s landing page has the right colors to make it stand out. The CTAs are prominent and perfectly positioned with some click-trigger texts. 

The best part of the B2B landing page is that it helps segment leads, and visitors can easily find out which HubSpot product is their best fit. 

Plans for hubspot

The segments have been displayed well, with little space to prevent cluttering the landing page. Further, the amount of content on the landing page is also appropriate.

What inspiration should you take: Like HubSpot, highlight the number of users, visitors on your blog, social followers, and more. It helps to move visitors down the funnel. 

stats of hubspot

Further, like HubSpot, you can also segment and explain your products in brief (in case you have multiple products). Provide a CTA for visitors to navigate to the segment of their choice. Create landing pages for each product and offer personalized demos to witness an increase in B2B landing page conversion rates. 

B2B Landing Page Best Practices

Building a B2B landing page has no one-size-fits-all formula. So instead, take inspiration from the list of my favorite landing pages and keep experimenting to find out what works for your business. 

However, though there’s no sure-fire recipe, I have a few landing page best practices that can increase the chances of increasing your B2B landing page conversion rates. 

1. Address the pain point

Every product has benefits, and it makes doing business easier somehow. It can solve a problem, cut down costs, or save time. So, focus on how your product can help businesses. Explain what your product or solution can do for the company and why one should invest in your product.

Make sure that the message is clear, concise, and straightforward. Once you communicate effectively, your visitor’s engagement will increase. 

2. Make it easy for visitors to take action

A visitor’s journey with your brand must be seamless. And to ensure that provide cues everywhere to lead the visitor to the next step. 

For a few businesses, a B2B landing page may be the first point of contact between the visitor and the brand. Once they navigate through your landing page, make it convenient for them to get in touch with your team. Provide clear CTAs like - get a demo, schedule a call, book a meeting, register now, and make your service as accessible as possible. The easier the process, the more conversions.

3. Use a single CTA

Remember your landing page has only one goal? That’s why there should be only one CTA. 

Since your landing page’s purpose is to increase conversions, there must be no confusion around the CTA. One CTA button is enough for a B2B landing page. You can also use two – at the beginning and end (like Shopify). If your page is too long, you can embed links to the CTA button or the lead generation form. 

Wrapping Up

B2B landing pages have so many elements – from product features and testimonials to statistics. Hence, landing pages are the best for conversions. 

Use a landing page builder and start building your B2B landing pages. Once you create a B2B lead generation land page, you are set to begin your customer acquisition process. But you must track the landing pages and run A/B tests to improve them. 

It doesn’t end here.

Your B2B company needs an instant lead qualification software to help you capture, qualify, and route all your form submissions. I mean, you need RevenueHero. 

So, ready your B2B landing page and collaborate with RevenueHero to build a more efficient sales process, resulting in higher sales and ROI.

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